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Dentists Are Heroes, Not Villains, in Fun Ads for Aspen Dental That Won’t Hurt a Bit

CP+B’s comic set pieces


Going to get a cavity filled doesn’t have to traumatize your wallet, says a new campaign from oral care chain Aspen Dental.

Two new ads, created by CP+B Miami, make that case using humorous—if somewhat nonsensical—set pieces.

In one, a dentist karate chops a bank robber, knocking the criminal out mid-heist. A mob of cynical customers assume the holdup is still on, and start throwing their wallets at the dentist. Because dentists might as well be thieves, right?

In the other, a handful of office drones find themselves stuck in an elevator, calling for help. When the same drill-slinging spokesman shows up to lend a hand, they naturally recoil.

In both scenarios, the overeager dentist is happy to explain Aspen does things differently—offering generally low prices, and deals on dentures. Plus, everyone still gets a free toothbrush. Even the comatose bank robber.

“Dentistry has long been a category tainted by fear and mistrust,” says Alexis Cardona, svp of marketing and advertising at Aspen Dental Management Inc. “This new campaign is designed to tackle misperceptions and pain points about dentistry, upending convention and using humor and creativity to shine the spotlight on how dentists at Aspen Dental are making dentistry easier for their patients.”

It’s a simple and fun-enough way for Aspen to make a point that—like the brand’s services—is dull but essential. Even so, some consumers might still find themselves more willing to pay a premium so as to not be followed around by a friendly man in a white coat desperate to supplant cops and firefighters while trying to persuade you to let him stick his hands—and a couple stray power tools—in your mouth.

To read more: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/dentists-are-heroes-not-villains-in-fun-ads-for-aspen-dental-that-wont-hurt-a-bit/