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Forsman & Bodenfors’ Work for Volvo Trucks and Cars Named to Sweden’s Top 10 Best Commercials of All Time

Summary lists Sweden’s 10 best commercials of all time

Volvo Trucks (2013), Volvo Cars (2017), Postbanken (1996), Ipren (1999), Canon (1998, Diesel (1996) and Kent (2016) get all the seats in ten at the top.Photo: Montage

The wait is over! Now, Summary presents its ranking over the top ten Swedish commercials ever.

In recent weeks, we at Resume’s editorial office have drilled us down in the Swedish advertising history from the 1940s onwards. After a number of hard discussions, we now present a list of the top 100 commercials we hold. We have been helped by the advertising writer and the nephew Carin Fredlund who has shared his expertise between the deliberations. Many thanks also to Advertising Snacks where the members of a thread contributed to many movies on this list.

Summary lists Sweden’s best commercials: 11-30 

Summary lists Sweden’s best commercials: 31-50

Summary list Sweden’s best commercials: 51-75 

Summary list Sweden’s best commercials: 76-100

It has been a time-consuming, but extremely stimulating, work that is now going on. We are aware that this list will spark discussions now when we go to the goal and that is also the point.

Getting to Sweden’s 10 best commercials of all time is nothing that is done in a handle or hard discussions and disagreements, it says itself. Here’s how Resume’s editorial team has gone about:

• First, we produced a gross list of grants such as Andreas Rågsjö Thorell , editor of Resume.se, called for a thread in Reklamsnack on March 11, 2019, Gold Egg winner, Filmarkivet.se and winner at Roygalan.

• After deliberations, five different movements and discussions, the list was scaled down to the 100 commercials presented this week. Resume’s editorials fell for several communication concepts, but decided to reduce the number of contributions per concept to two (Ica Soap, IKEA (“Where Life Happens”), Klarna (“Smoooth”, etc.)

• In a final vote, Resume’s editorials got to vote on their five favorites, which follows the same approach as in the month’s campaign, each editorial rewarding films with scores 10,7,5,3 and 1 based on the criteria of creative height , craftsmanship , clarity and relevance .

• Once the score was set and the votes counted, the editorial staff made a review of the list where after the discussion we adjusted the places on the top 10 to create an end result that everyone, to the greatest extent possible, can be satisfied with.

So, here comes the list. Sweden’s 10 Best commercials of all time according to Resume’s editorial staff. 

10) Triss (Rönnberg McCann) 2002   

Triss has signed up for the Swedish advertising story with a long tradition of good, consistent and fun advertising. This is one of the best movies. An unexpected turnaround where a Southern French soup is crucial for humor. What a wonderful surprise to suddenly get a bouillabaisse over it! (Fredrik Svedjetun)

8 (shared)

Saab (Lowe Brindfors) 2007

“Very high height of the craft, the cut, the photo paired with a music installation that in my world is better than Enya and Epic Split. Everything is connected. An advertising song that also became a hit” (Thomas Nilsson) The

Social Democrats (ARE Idea 2) 1985  ( Link)
“Roy Andersson’s electoral film for the Social Democrats must be a very hard-hitting dystopia over the opponent’s community building. A world characterized by egoism where only the strongest survives. But in political communication, storytelling is based on visions and direction, and this film is characterized by a time spirit where vision and direction are concerned. the ideological debate was tough. ” (Andreas Rågsjö Thorell)

6) Kent (Indio) 2016

“When Sweden’s largest rock band announced its resignation, it was not done by giving a thousand interviews where you nostalgically looked back at 26 years in the spotlight. Instead, they released a clip where the arena rock dressed in video scrap – completely uncommented. A clip with magic craft where only those The most intrigued fans see the references. Although you watch this movie a thousand times, it is not possible to defend yourself against goose bumps. ” (Yasmine Winberg)

5) Disesel (Paradise) 

” Johan Lindeberg and Paradise’s cultural excursions might not have worked today. Looking to the context 23 years ago, the campaigns are extremely groundbreaking and provocative. This is a personal favorite for me.” (Andreas Rågsjö Thorell)

4) (shared)

Volvo Cars (Forsman & Bodenfors) 2017

“The few times you look at linear TV and Volvo Moments show up there will be shivers and glances in the eyes. The girl’s life story with joy, sorrow and hope. She provides friends, travels the world, falls in love, gets her heart broken and gets her own kids good music and strong photo Everything reaches a climax at the end when the stressed Volvo woman plays coffee and the girl rises out on the street and you realize how fragile a life is. in the traffic – and the braking system allows the girl to follow her dreams “(Julia Lundin)

Canon (Hollingworth / Mehrotra) 1998

“Humor is and has always been one of the cornerstones of the advertising world. When it hits right, the commercial moves from the sales drive to becoming a part of popular culture. As a viewer, you see, incredibly enough, the movies. Would I sit in front of the TV : n 1998 I had longed for Mr.Jim. ” 

3) Ipren (Garbergs) 1999

“When this commercial came, it got my whole school going around and singing on the Ipren song. It ground in the head so you got chafing in the brain. Mixed feelings about it, so I can say that today – 20 years later – could rabbling “It’s the Ipren, the intelligent painkiller …” in sleep. ” (Amanda Törner)

2) Postbanken (Alm & Co) 1996

“40 seconds of really big acting conveyed in its purest and simplest form. And there is no doubt who is the sender.”

1) Volvo Trucks (Forsman & Bodenfors) 2013

“The only film that can measure up and outperforms the best commercials that have been made in recent years. An idea with absolute x-factor, craftsmanship and at the same time a clarity and relevance to the target group that is impeccable. Genius to bring life to Enya and Jean -Claude van Damme,  got the whole world to be amazed while walking straight into the core. One of history’s best commercials, in the world ”

Editors’ voices

Amanda Törner
1 Volvo Trucks,” Epic Split “(Forsman & Bodenfors) 2013
2 Volvo Cars “Moments” (Forsman & Bodenfors) 2017
3 Friends “Elaka words” (Lowe Brindfors) 2008
4 Change of address “Paris”(TBWA) 2012
5 Iprenmannen (Garbergs) 1999
6 Ikea “Every other week” (Åkestam Holst) 2016
7 Klarna “Smoooth: The fish” (Nord DDB) 2016
8 TCO “Business like a Sweden” (ANR BBDO) 2014
9 Kent “Then as now forever” (Indio) 2016
10 Kavli “Bebisen” (Hello / Oslo) 2007 

Billy Andersson
1 Epic Split Volvo Trucks, (F&B) 2013
2 Postbanken (Alm & Co) 1996
3 Entrepreneurs, Garbergs 1999)
4 Expressen (Gösta Ekman Beppe Wolgers) Arbmans 1968
5 Klarna ( fish) Nord DDB 2016
6 Carlshamn (Gotti good good) Åkestam Holst 1994
7 Manpower (Santa Claus) Lowe Brindfors
8 Waterfall, two holes in the wall, and 1997
9 Diesel (scouts) Paradise 1996
10 Blaupunkt,(feeling) Alf Mork 1976

Fredrik Svedjetun
1. Volvo Trucks “Epic split” Forsman & Bodenfors, 2013
2. Postbanken, Alm & Co, 1996
3. Triss – “Bollabaise”, Rönnberg McCann 2002
4. Klarna – “Smooth- the fish”, Nord DDB 2016
5. Lotto , “Lotto-Åke”, Forsman & Bodenfors, 1998
6. Falcon – Forsman and Bodenfors
7. Posten, Åkestam Holst 2002
8. Start – crackle witch, Hjärtsjö, 2000
9. Cancer fund, “Remember it as yesterday”, Honesty, King . 2017
10. Halebop, “The Changing Room”, Honesty, 2013

Julia Lundin
1 Volvo Cars, “Moments”, Forsman & Bodenfors, 2017
2 Volvo Trucks “Epic Split”, Forsman & Bodenfors, 2013
3 Ipren, “Iprenmannen”, Garbergs, 1999
4 Kent, Here and now forever, Indio, 2016
5 Expressen, “Porn Club”, King, 2011
6 Change of address, “Paris”, TBWA, 2012
7 Vasakronan, “Kjell Henry”, SWE, 2001
8 Klarna, “Smoooth-The Fish”, Nord DDB, 2016
9  OLW, “Var e brides “, Paradise, 1995
10 Ikea -” Idolen “, Åkestam Holst, 2018

Yasmine Winberg
1 Ipren,” Iprenmannen “, Garbergs (1999)
2 Volvo Trucks,” Epic Split “, F&B (2013)
3 Kent,”Then as always forever “, Indio, (2016)
4 Expressen,” Porn Club “, King, (2011)
5 Address change, “Paris”, TBWA, (2012)
6 Klarna, “Smoooth – the fish”, Nord DDB (2016)
7  OLW (Cappucino) 2002
8 Volvo Cars “Moments”, F&B (2017)
9 TCO, “Business Like in Sweden “, ANR BBDO (2014)
10 Vasakronan,” Kjell Henry “, SWE 2001

Thomas Nilsson
1) Volvo Cars,” Epic Split “, F&B, 2013
2) Canon, Mr. Jim, Hollingworth / Mehortra, 1998
3) Saab, “Release Me” Lowe Brindfors, 2008
4) Vasakronan, “Kjell Henry”, SWE, 2001
5) Spendrups, “Fulöl”, Garbergs, 1996
6) Lotto, “Farsta Forever” , King, 2011
7) Klarna, “Smooth – The fish”, Nord DDB 2016
8) Start, Knäckehäx, Hjärtsjö,

Andreas Rågsjö Thorell
1) Volvo Trucks, Forsman & Bodenfors, “Epic Split”, 2013
2) Diesel, “Boy Scouts” Paradise, 1996
3) The Social Democrats, “Why should we care about each other?”, ARE Idea 2, 1985
4 ) Canon, Mr. Jim, Hollingworth / Mehortra, 1998
5) The Cancer Foundation, “Remember It As Yesterday”, King, 2016
6) The Klarna, “Smooth – The Fish”, Nord DDB 2016
7) Postbanken, Alm & Co, 1996
8) Expressen, Arbmans , 1968
9) Norrlands Guld, “Dear Diary” Paradise
10) Lotto, “Farsta Forever”, King, 2011

To read more: https://www.resume.se/nyheter/artiklar/2019/05/10/resume-listar-sveriges-10-basta-reklamfilmer-genom-tiderna/