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Press Release

MDC Partners Announces Formation of Global Technology Group

NEW YORK, NEW YORK  (September 28, 2020) – MDC Partners Inc. today announced the formation of a new division within the Company, the Global Technology Group, to introduce a bold new vision for technology infrastructure designed to unleash collaboration at global scale. The Group taps a roster of seasoned intra-network technology leaders who, under the direction of John Georgatos, Global Chief Information Officer, will drive global strategy across the network in areas including security, systems design, and cloud architecture.

The Global Technology Group is the latest in a series of actions MDC Partners has taken to transform the company into the most modern global marketing partner to clients, equipping the company with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure needed to deliver custom-built solutions that are global in scale, digital in nature, and reliant on agile, borderless collaboration.

“MDC’s global network transformation has innovation at its core,” said Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO. “We are now applying the same forward-thinking creativity to our operational and IT backbone as we do to our creative client work, so that our talent is empowered and propelled, rather than encumbered, by technology.”

In addition to furthering efforts already underway at MDC to centralize and bolster support capabilities, the new group will be tasked with a number of initiatives to prepare MDC talent for the future of work in a post-COVID-19 landscape, including: cloud investments across the global portfolio to support extended remote work and connect creative talent and clients; harnessing AI and machine learning to work more collaboratively and efficiently; new cybersecurity partnerships to mitigate security exposure; expanding and accelerating the move toward entirely wireless real estate infrastructure; and preparing MDC Partners’ forthcoming New York corporate campus at One World Trade Center to support over a dozen agency brands in this new work environment.

“We believe in an in-sourced model that utilizes our existing top talent to work together as one group, to provide a seamless, integrated service across our network,” said John Georgatos, Global Chief Information Officer. “The formation of this group, with a unified strategy, bolsters MDC’s competitive advantage by providing state-of-the-art IT support, security, and innovation opportunities for our agencies and clients.”

“As part of the strategic transformation of MDC Partners over the past year, the formation of this group creates greater efficienciy, unlocking opportunities for reinvestment and innovation, and augmenting collaboration around the network,” said SVP, Global Head of Operations Jason Cammorata.

About MDC Partners Inc.

MDC Partners is one of the most influential marketing and communications networks in the world. As “The Place Where Great Talent Lives,” MDC Partners is celebrated for its innovative advertising, public relations, branding, digital, social and event marketing agency partners, which are responsible for some of the most memorable and effective campaigns for the world’s most respected brands. By leveraging technology, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions, MDC Partners drives creative excellence, business growth and measurable return on marketing investment for over 1,700 clients worldwide. For more information about MDC Partners and its partner firms, visit our website at mdc-partners.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/mdcpartners.