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Corporate Governance

Policies and Guidelines

MDC Partners strongly believes in the ethical and proper business conduct of its employees (including the employees of its subsidiaries). MDC has therefore established a Compliance Program, which is supported and enforced by the highest levels of management of the company. As part of this Compliance Program, the Company has adopted a Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy and has also adopted a set of Corporate Governance Guidelines and additional Corporate Governance Initiatives. Copies of the Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy, together with the Corporate Governance Guidelines and Charters of the Company’s Board committees, can be accessed and reviewed by clicking on the following links:

  • Committees of the Board

    Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

    Chairman: Irwin Simon
    Members: Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky; Desirée Rogers

    Responsibilities: The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee is composed of five members, all of whom are unrelated directors. The committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Board with respect to developments in the area of corporate governance and the practices of the Board. The committee is also responsible for evaluating the performance of the Board as a whole, along with individual Board members, and for reporting to the Board with respect to appropriate candidates for nominations to the Board.

  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee

    Chairman: Desirée Rogers
    Members: Bradley J. Gross; Irwin Simon

    Responsibilities: The Human Resources and Compensation Committee determines the compensation of all senior officers of MDC Partners. The committee discusses personnel and human resource matters, including recruitment and development, management succession, and benefit plans. As well, the committee grants options under the company’s Employee Stock Option Incentive Plan.

  • Audit Committee

    Chairman: Wade Oosterman
    Members: Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Asha Daniere 

    Responsibilities: The Audit Committee reviews all financial statements, annual and interim, intended for circulation among shareholders and reports upon these to the Board. In addition, the Board of Directors may refer to the Audit Committee on other matters and questions relating to the financial position of MDC Partners and its affiliates.